Trigenics® Plus (a.k.a. FNEC*) will help you rapidly grow your clinical practice, charge higher case fees, see fewer patients, and ultimately make more money!

PLUS! Get access to the Trigenics® Ultimate Shoulder Assessment video absolutely FREE! Click "LEARN MORE" below!
Elite Marketing and Clinic Growth Strategies
Social Media Marketing
Let our experts do your social media advertising and leverage this powerful tool to get more new patients than you can handle!
Featuring brochures, patient welcome folders, report of findings folders,  patient rehab booklets, and more!
Marketing and Promotional packages
Take as many courses as you can with unlimited free registration in Trigenics® and AFNI courses worldwide!
Free Trigenics® and AFNI Courses
We design your all-new website that both potential patients and major search engines like Google will love!
Website Development
What do you get if you sign up for Trigenics® Plus Coaching?
*FNEC stands for Functional Neurology Elite Coaching and is synonymous with the Trigenics® Plus monthly coaching service
PLUS! When you click the button to learn more, you'll get access to the Trigenics® Ultimate Shoulder Assessment video. Watch and learn as Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin, creator of the Trigenics® OAT Procedure to fix frozen shoulder, teaches you how to completely assess a shoulder in 5 minutes or less! This is a $149 value and we're giving it to you absolutely FREE!
Trigenics® Plus will enable you to dominate your area! You'll never again have to worry about where your next new patients are coming from.
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